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A strong, well defined logo & brand sets the stage to create a supporting atmosphere & stylistic tone. Brand Association is a powerful and result proven technique to drive growth & Resonate - Contact Reverb and we'll show you first hand.

A Stinger, is a short 10 to 30 second pitch in which the the message & mission of the company is conveyed; a usually tricky task.



With the Fiskkit stinger, the context, imagery, animation, and even audio all play calculated roles in conveying Fiskkit's Mission to filter truth from modern Journalism.

Fiskkit was created to provide a better place for people to discuss important news topics and to find what information is good and bad in every article on the Internet. Fiskkit's founder, John Pettus, wanted to build a site that promoted logic and civility from commenters and that would use instantaneous reader feedback to help people identify was was true, false, well-reasoned or logically unsound in every news article or opinion piece. Fisking is a blogging word for a line-by-line critique of a news or opinion article and the core of site functionality.




05 Feb 2015


After Effets, Video