There are Key Take-Away's from Every Modern Management & Design Methadology


Scrum is an Agile framework for completing complex projects. Scrum originally was formalized for software development projects, but it works well for any complex, innovative scope of work. The possibilities are endless. The Scrum framework is deceptively simple.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a formal method for practical, creative resolution of problems and creation of solutions, with the intent of an improved future result. In this regard it is a form of solution-based, or solution-focused thinking – starting with a goal (a better future situation) instead of solving a specific problem. By considering both present and future conditions and parameters of the problem, alternative solutions may be explored simultaneously.


Agile - First and Foremost, is a management and workflow philosophy.Agile approaches help teams respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences and empirical feedback. Agilists propose alternatives to waterfall, or traditional sequential development.


[Fill in the Blank]

The word Lean has been applied to everything from startups to UX to management...but it can all be reduced to the following key take-aways: lean philosophy seeks to eliminate wasteful practices and increase value producing practices during the product development phase so that low capital businesses can have better chances of success without requiring large amounts of outside funding, elaborate business plans, or the perfect product.