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Designing from the Logo Outward

Brand History

The concept & idea behind Reverb, as with most abstract company names, came from the imagery. I wanted a design company that embodied Identity and Audience. Just as a sound wave reverberates off of a wall, an Identity reverberates off of an Audience. When that Identity is tuned correctly and facing the right audience, We call that branding resonance. It's our primary pursuit.

Redefining Brand

The key to brand 'development' is through small batch size changes, and mild iterations. Any transformation MUST go through a transitional period. Losing Brand Identity means losing Brand & Audience awareness.

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A project that comes close to the original vision is great; an agency that provides multiple variants of that vision is even better. We're thrilled with the work relationship we have with Reverb! CTO - Client


Reverb Designs


APRIL 2015


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